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Hello guys, thanks for accepting me.


So I tried to read all the older topics to avoid asking again, hower I did not found what is needed. :(


So I got pretty simple setup.
Diezel Vh4

Miid cable 
And HX Effects


Currently when I am at the Banks 01A to 01D
I have managed to program the Amp channels to switch(via Midi)  


How can I assign stomp possitions in lets say 01A(bank)  to switch Chanels via Midi? 


*When I am in the Stomp mode.


I want to assign 1,4,5,6 to switch the  4 head channels(via the midi) ...

This Will leave me with 2 free stomps for 2 effects. 


That's it enough for me, nothing more.


Thanks in advance.

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From the VH4 Manual:


7.4.2 Single Channel Mode - Automatic Channel Recognition Your VH4 can automatically recognize the pedal’s send/receive channel. To get your amp into the mood ( or mode) for this, push and hold “Mute” and then activate any program change button on your midi pedal. The amp will look for a program change and recognize the channel it is being sent on. Then it will switch to this channel and stay there as soon as you let go of “Mute”.


6.1 Preamp Channel Selection The 4 channels of the Diezel can be selected manually by activating the red button above each channel strip, or can be programmed via the midi control system. If you assign the channel one switch function to a midi program ( for example “01”), then you can initiate this channel’s switching via your midi pedal. Push “01” on your midi pedal after programming, and the pedal will send digital information to the amplifier. The amp will read this information and decide whether or not it is supposed to respond. When properly programmed, it will then switch on channel one. OK, here it is again: select 01 on your midi pedal. select channel one of the VH4. Now push “Store” twice. Voila’, it’s a midi program! Now select program change “02” on your pedal, switch the amp to channel two, hit “Store” twice, and suddenly you have a midi program with 2 program changes. Continue on until you run out of channels, about 2 more times. All the other function of the amp can be programmed in the same exact way. Remember: push “Store “ twice to finalize a midi program procedure. Select the program from the pedal to recall it at the amp.




Decide which Program Change number you want to use for simple Channel Changes. Decide which HXFX Stomp buttons you want to use. In each HXFX Preset, open Command Center and set the chosen Buttons to send the appropriate PC#s.


EXAMPLE: You've decided that you want to use PC#s 1-4 to switch the channels. In Command Center, set button 1 to send PC#1, Button 4 to send PC#2, Button 5 to send PC#3 and Button 6 to send PC#4. Label the buttons so you know which is which. Now follow the above directions to teach the VH4 how to respond. NOTE: If you're using the BASE MIDI Channel, you only need to enter the Program Change number, the channel is BASE by default and the rest of the settings don't matter.


If it were me, I'd start with a Blank Preset, then SAVE it as a Template. Then create your presets starting with that template, that way you only have to set it up once.

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In Global Settings>MIDI/TEMPO, set MIDI PC Tx to OFF. This prevents HXFX from sending the default PC# when you change Presets.

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