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Variax 900 acoustic wanted

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700 and 900 use the same program board and program firmware.

A 900 Acoustic is a 700 Acoustic with nicer trim and tuning machine, and a more premiere finish to it. 

In case you weren't already aware. I figure you are aware of that.



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Those were limited, and before my time here. They were for Line 6 artist endorsers and such. Me, not being one myself.

There are certain service and repairs that can be done,... as far as spare parts will allow. But, spare parts are pretty much non-existent.


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Does anyone know how many of these were produced? I have one that I bough on eBay in early 2008. I love it but have heard so many different stories and would really like to know how rare it is. I've attached a few pics as it was received. I have it in a Gibson Chet Atkins Hard Case that fits it perfectly.


Thank You,







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There were approximately 50, however that doesn’t account for those which were left unassembled yet with a serial number imprinted on them.  It’s a puzzle which has many pieces to it, yet no one has it all figured out just yet because some of them got lost along the way.

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