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Spider Iv 75 Fbv Express Pedal + Hd500 Pod

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I have a spider IV 75 with FBV pedal. When using hd 500, switch to empty channel on Amp and push manual. Then using the hd500 board can be used with its presets and so on. So until I can afford a DI tube amp. This seems to work gives large variety plus great with Riffworks program.

Thought this May come In handy, letting u get even more from your line 6 amp and pedal set ups. My acoustics I use an Ibanez Toubadour , so crisp for your acoustics just don't let anyone plug a heavy distorted electric into it. Fantastic clear sounds I use the line 6 Verbizzla pedal with it opening up great reverb and amp has chorus and reverb. But also handles 3phase mic plug in on different channel so can mix treble, mid and bass for each channel.

Love my spider, goes with custom Strat with custom pick ups and Squire Strat Classic Vibe 50s SS, ALSO ibanez ART100. Acoustics Martin, Takamine G series with TK40 pre amp added. In Australia have not had the chance to try Variaxe guitar, but would love to try one. Army pensioner so it's all planning lol. Want the DI Tube amp with Variaxe guitar to match. I could be so lucky. Hope this helps others.

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