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Acoustic sound from Helix


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Hey Everyone!

I heard this tone from Jack Thammarat....lovely.....acoustic sound....similar to Neal Schon on his album Beyond the Thunder which I recommend eveyone to check out...

I am trying to understand how to emulate this on the Helix.....Jack says this......Hi guys! Here is another jam video in hotel room. The acoustic sound comes from piezo bridge blended with acoustic guitar impulse response from 3 Sigma Audio with Line 6 HX-STOMP. Hope you like it.


 and this........Hey jack is it the piazo or some accoustic simulator making it soung like accoustic guitar ????
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It's a piezo loaded Graphtech Floyd Rose blended with Acoustic IRs. It has realistic sound and feeling. It doesn't like acoustic simulator.
Does anyone have any insight into this type of sound.......would appreciate feedback......
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Seems like maybe he is using Floyd Rose Graphtech tremolo...plus some Ir's from 3 Sigma...While the makeup of Graph Tech’s saddles is impressive to say the least, it’s the endless possibilities of their application that is really what makes them an incredible innovation; they will work alone or in conjunction with any ghost preamp kit. In combination with a Graph Tech Acousti-Phonic Preamp, your electric guitar can produce a rich, authentic acoustic guitar tone at the flick of a switch. In addition, the saddles can also be used with the Graph Tech Hexpander Preamp, adding a MIDI interface to your instrument, which in combination with a pitch-to-MIDI converter will create virtually endless possibilities of sounds that you can produce with your Floyd-equipped guitar. From flawless real instrument imitation to your own custom synthesized sounds, there’s really no end to the variations that you can create.

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