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How To Put Pod Hd500 In Amp Effects Loop


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I have a POD HD500 which I mainly use for delay and reverb etc

and I would like to put the pedal board into my effects loop on my mesa dual rec.

I wanted to do this as the mesa has a foot switch that can turn the effects loop on and off and is super convenient to be able to use the effects on different channels of the amp.


What is the correct was to go about doing this?

The mesa has an effects loop send and return but I have no idea where to plug the 2 cords into the pedal go.


Would it be -


amp effect loop send <----> POD guitar in

amp effects loop return <----> POD Unbalanced Output L/Mono



So far i have my guitar plugged into a boss ns-2 out the front, then straight into the amp input but where should i plug the amp effects loop send and return into the pedal?

Thanks very much!!!!

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As a multi FX device go in the HD's FX receive and it's Mono out to Amps FX loop return,


You can put the loop return block at the beginning of the chain to fit numerous FX within the POD HD.


I wouldn't go guitar in as you already have a preamp with your guitar going into your amp first.

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Per Meambobbo's guide (


ii. Pod as Effects Only after pre-amp
Here you will have the amp/cab model block in the Pod disabled (turned off or set to "no amp"). It doesn't matter what output mode you use, but to be safe (in case you one day decide to use the amp models and forget about this setup) choose one consistent with how you're hooking it up - Stack or Combo Power Amp.
Note: if your amp's level on the effects loop send is too hot for the Pod, and you cannot turn the send level down on the amp, you may have to run the amp's effects send to the Pod's effects loop return, then turn down the level on the effects loop return on the Pod.
  • Guitar > Amp guitar in
  • Amp effects loop out > Pod guitar in OR Pod effects loop return
  • Pod unbalanced out > Amp effects loop return (power amp in)
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