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Impossible To Lower E Low String On Jtv

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After 2 years, my JTV89 knew its first bug.
On a preset I had programmed (for a long time) the E low string to the drop D;
Yesterday, this tuning was physically applied to the A string ! The string E was always E!!!!!!
And the  A programmed there E, lowered there A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The same thing occurs with the tuning in drop  D: the  A string is (programmed) E there then tuned D there.
No change on the  E low string.

Aprés by turning the button of tuning, the JTV began producing strange sounds
during one or 2 seconds.

I thus linked the JTV on the WORKBENCH but that this indicated well the good tuning
(the rope E lowered in A). On the other hand any modification of the rope of E on
the software echoed on the rope of A of the JTV...

SOflashage of the firmware in 2.0, with for result  a clerical error in the JTV.
Re-flashage of the firmware in 2.0 (fully-loaded battery  this time).
Upgrade of the JTV OK, but no sounds see (immage this below)

Then there, I load   manually presets downloaded on the site VGUITAR, which I thank.

Then well, the MILONGA store, which sold me the JTV closed. It's a web store now.
I am afraid that things do not improve in time, the guitar being any more under guarantee.
The worst i don't  use it on  every day, only the weekend.

I like this guitar and in particular the mag mic, I wonder now what it would be worth
 if I sold it? Half of her price (failing electronics).
For information I paid it 1089 euros (bought in France, among which 89 euros for the JTV89,
appreciate the joke).

What is that there is an obsolescence scheduled on LINE6 products ?
And how make do if  it  breaks down?
On the other hand why cannot we any more get back the firmware of the TYLERS VARIAX
on LINE6 download site?

What is that the problem can come from the knob's selection tunings?

ps: sorry for my English

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I have reflashed in 1.9. The workbench allows to modify the tuning, but the JTV does not backup the preset.

So reflashing in 2.0 (that i hate :angry:  :angry:  :angry: ) and there, everything is works.

I spent a long weekend to modify the 2.0 presets. :angry:

It's really boring that LINE6 does not put up to date the firmware regularly.
In any case, will be my condition to buy a new guitar with modeling…


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