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Massive update to Helix Help's model/block list


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Hello everybody,


Most of you know about my passion project, It has been awhile since I did a complete update and well... today is the day.


Here is the big takeaway: Every model/block from the Helix family is now available on Helix Help including all of the available parameters per model.


I simplified the models section of the site to be a single page. On this page you will find two dropdowns. The first is the model/block category, the second, is the subcategory for the selected category.


Think of the category dropdown as the general block sections, ie distortions, dynamics, wah, amps, etc.


Think of the subcategory dropdown as the available types within the selected category: mono, stereo, legacy, guitar, bass, etc.


You can still further filter through the models by using the filter input. For instance, if you've selected the category "amp", and are on the "guitar" subcategory, type "vox" to get all of the Vox amps or type, "fender" to get all of the fender amps.


That's it. I hope you guys dig the update.

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1 hour ago, Klaim said:

Thanks for this website, it's helping me a lot (a noob at all this).
I noticed that there might be unicode issues for example on amp settings explainations:
I see squares (was there supposed to be symbols?)

that’s very interesting. I can’t replicate that issue. 

What browser and operating system are you using?

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