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This sometimes happens due to very slight vibrations in the surface where the unit is resting. This can cause the system to interpret the vibrations as movement of one or more of the knobs, causing unexpected changes in parameter values.

To see if this is in fact the issue, try rotating all the knobs to their min or max positions; they are less sensitive to detected movement in these positions. Of course as you do that the sound of the preset will change. Just switch presets without saving the changes and then return to the preset, leaving the knobs at the min/max positions. Then continue to use the device as usual and see if the unexpected changes continue. If so there is a different problem.

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there's that. 

but also, because this is your first post and you didn't say much else.... 


settings don't get saved automatically. you need to 'send' them, otherwise a patch will go back to the last saved version when recalled. 




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