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Fbv2 (2 Button) Footswitch And Amplifi?


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Hi all,


Can someone please confirm for me that the little L6 FBV 2-button footswitch will allow you to switch between A,B,C, and D on the Amplifi? I know it's an FBV switch, but I never see it mentioned in any of the compatibility specs. Maybe it's just an attempt to market the more expensive FBV's, but I just need to be able to use the 4 presets on the Amplifi. Thanks in advance.

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I thought I'd answer my own question and give it a try. Short answer... No. The 2-button FBV footswitch does not work with Amplifi. It's not compatible. I received mine today and it doesn't switch channels reliably, so it'll be going back to Amazon. Disappointing. It looks like there's no simple solution to switching channels remotely without spending a hundred bucks for features I don't need.

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hey I have FBV SHORTBOARD MKII, results are unreliable also. Line6 Confirmed that delay on changing presets cannot be changed! They should recall AMPLIFI!



Jun 18, 09:55 AM


 Thanks for your ticket inquiry and comments. After testing the unit here in the support office, we found this is an aspect of the unit's processing speed, and cannot be changed. We apologize if you're having issues with live situations, and will let you know if any solutions are reached in the future. We appreciate your business and hope you'll continue to enjoy Line 6 products.

 Kind regards,

Jason-Line 6 support

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