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Hd500 X Rack

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Hello all,


I am in the process of building a new studio in the house and I am considering ordering the line 6 hd500x rack. I was actually convinced I was going to get it after checking it out but after the gear lust period died down I figured I would come ask a few questions.


How does this processor compare to amplitube 3 and guitar rig 5? I have been using those and I am happy however they eat up a ton of cpu after awhile and the line 6 would free this up in theory. I just want to make sure the tone is as good or at least close.


I threw together a quick recording using amplitube 3 for reference (excuse the vocals and production its early and not finished writing it). Can I get a similar sound quality with line 6?




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The 500X is a pedalboard...if you're looking for a rack mount unit you'll want to look at the HD Pro series. But, the 500X will be able to give you just about any tone you want as long as you spend enough time with it to explore everything its got...and theres a lot.

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