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Pitfalls Of Connecting A POD 2.0 To PC Today?

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So a few weeks into the lockdown i decide im going to start playing the guitar again, i played alot in the late 90s till 2005-6 maybe and have hardly picked it up till a few weeks ago. After a few weeks of playing, getting my fingers to move properly again and the tips of my fingers to harden i start to think about what my pod 2.0 could do again. Id pretty much stuck to my own tones which i created back then and had saved on the pod so thought id create some new ones and see what other users had created over the last 15 years. I then get to remembering how much hassle i had back then to connect it to my pc using Line 6 Edit, after a few months of troubleshooting, which was alot harder back then, i get everything right except it still doesnt work, turns out midi cables were labelled the wrong way round, in/out, pain in the lollipop but after that it all worked ok and remember enjoying it and seeing what the pod could do. So a few days ago i install line 6 edit mainly so i can dl user tone settings and see them on my screen which i can then manually dial in to the pod, i have the midi cables somewhere but it was midi to another port, not usb, cant remember the old style, like an old printer port i think is what it looked like. Anyway, get all the java stuff sorted for it to run ok and start it up to be given the screen saying it needs the pod connected for it to run, i do remember this now from back then but without buying a new cable theres no chance. So my next idea is to search out websites which people have listed the tone settings to which i find a few. I get everything set up today so i can go through the pod tones manually and have a play but it appears all but one of the dials/pots has become dirty and wont hold there settings. I recall this back then with a couple of pots and replaced one but now theyre all dirty. I use the pod with a floorboard and just play through my amp so turning all the dials to zero means i can use my presets through the floorboard and never touch the pod so it never "edits" itself and changes tone mid song, if the dials are set past a quarter of a turn it will "edit" the sound within a few seconds so it appears if i want to play with the settings i will need to buy a new midi cable. Long Story short, my question is what other pitfalls am i likely to come across connecting the pod to a windows 7 64bit pc with usb this time? I have 3.0 and 2.0 usb ports available and the pod chip was upgraded back then. Line 6 edit appears to be working ok but cant go any further because i need to connect the pod. Thanks for reading this far.

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