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Disable the access to the bank of presets in Snapshot Mode

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I use a HX Stomp for several months for professional use and I really like it. I built a external footswitch to change presets (FS4-5) and I'm using the HX Stomp in Snapshot Mode, that's great ! But...
My problem : when I play in live conditions, I'm not that precise and I often step on 2 footswitches instead of the right one, so it open the bank of presets, which is really (really!) not confortable before a solo!...

My question : is there a way to disable that function? I mean, keeping the control of snapshots with the footswitches but nothing else. I can't find anything in the Global settings...
If not, is there a way to submit this idea to Line 6, and hoping they include it in a next firmware? By creating a petition or something like that... :)

Thanks for your help!

PS : "be precise" is not an valid answer ;)


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The official L6 Wish List is here:




They're looking for VOTES on each idea, so SEARCH FIRST so there's not multiple requests diluting the vote.

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yeah that would be great to have more control on that maybe also a possibility to parameter those option of bank/snapshot up an down with the external footswitches for each mode and maybe more external footswitch controle to make this unit more expandable in the use. making it like an exmandable command center.

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