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Recording a Dry DI Track next to an effected sound


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Hi everyone,


I'm new to the Helix and trying to figure out how to execute the below from page 54 of the user manual.  Simply put, it's recording a Dry DI track into Ableton (recording software) while getting to hear myself with an amp/cab/effected sound.  The below are the instructions but it's not working for me.  My set up is basic: Helix into my computer via USB (which is working as my "sound card"), two speakers on my computer which the Helix runs cables into, Guitar into Helix via "Guitar in". Can someone send a diagram of a simple execution of this and explain any nuance a beginner like me should know?  


For this example, we'll record guitar into two DAW tracks simultaneously, with one capturing the Helix-processed tone and the other the unprocessed DI guitar.

1. In the Helix Global Settings>Ins/Outs>Page 3 screen, set Re-amp Src (USB 7) to "Guitar" (as shown above).

2. Dial in your desired Helix tone, while keeping the Helix Input and Output blocks both set to the default "Multi" setting.

3. Create two new audio tracks in your DAW software project: Create one mono track to record the dry DI guitar, and set the track's input to Helix USB 7. Create one stereo track to record your full, stereo Helix-processed tone and set the track's input to Helix USB 1/2. GUITAR IN USB DRY DI GUITAR PROCESSED GUITAR TRACK 1 (Dry DI Guitar) TRACK 2 (Processed Guitar) 16B Dream Rig Duet Time Feedback [37%] Delay Harmony Delay Key Scale Mix Level 1/8 D Minor 40% 0.0 dB 55

4. Set both tracks' outputs, as well as the DAW Master output, to Helix USB 1/2 to allow all tracks to play back through Helix. NOTE: Setting the stereo track's output to Helix USB 1/2 allows you to hear your Helix-processed tone via the Helix hardware monitoring while recording. For this configuration, disable software monitoring on all DAW tracks.

5. Arm both these DAW audio tracks, hit the Record button and start laying down your guitar performance! Now you have your Helix-processed track to hear with the project, and a separate DI track with which you can further experiment at any time with DAW plug-ins and/or reamping (see the next section).

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You didn't really specify what wasn't working for you. I tried to get as much info as I could into this screenshot.

What you're looking at is two recorded tracks. The processed track is Track 1, the reamp (unprocessed track) is Track 2.

I've recorded both tracks while listening to the Helix (not the DAW) through my Amp (direct monitoring).

The track configuration is such that if I were to press the spacebar recording (with direct monitoring) would start on Track 1 (overwriting the previous recording) while listening to Track 2 on the speakers. Note the Info box in the lower left corner.


Between the two tracks' configurations you should be able to record processed and/or unprocessed and playback either or both.




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Thanks for reaching out.  


Sorry, my problem is that I don't know how to set up the Helix itself to do this.  I'm finding it hard to get the right demo online that shows a diagram of how the helix is supposed to look when this is being executed

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There's nothing special to do. You plug your guitar into the Helix, you connect the USB Cable to your computer. The Output Block of your preset is MULTI. Done.

A brand new out of the box Helix with the default Global Settings will do the job from any of the Factory Presets.

Seriously, it couldn't be any simpler.


You said that "it's not working for me" but didn't specify exactly what's not working.

In LIVE Preferences, is the Audio Device set to ASIO HELIX?

In the Input Config dialog, do you have at least Stereo Inputs 1/2 and Mono Inputs 7&8 selected?

In The Output Config Dialog do you have at least Stereo Outputs 1/2 selected?


IF the answers to the above are YES, then configuring your tracks per the screenshot I attached should get it.

If you suspect that the Global Settings are messed up, follow the instructions HERE to restore the factory settings:




Then use any factory preset or use any custom preset with a MULTI Output Block.


Seriously, you're thinking that this is more complicated than it is.


The only further complication I can think of is that maybe you need to re-install HX Edit. Doing that will re-install all of the necessary drivers.

Between Windows updates and Helix updates, these drivers can get scrambled.

I highly recommend that you install the latest version (2.92), then follow the directions to update the Helix FW FROM HX EDIT.



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Thanks for your reply...Yes I'm looking to just do this with factory presets in the most basic fashion possible (so i can ultimately send my work to my audiophile bandmate to play with the sound)  To answer: I've got the ASIO Helix set up.  Also I've got the Re-amp Src as USB 7.


In the next portion I did not have mono input 7 and 8 selected (I do now!)...


So to reiterate (as I'm very possibly still overthinking)...All i have to do with the helix is pick a sound and play and set up Ableton correctly (as you've shown)?  Or is there something more i have to do with the helix (I've gone crazy watching wet/dry videos on youtube which is likely why I'm overwhelmed by this)





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According to your previous posts, you've got the Helix re-amping settings correctly configured. Just check that "Global Settings>Ins/Outs>USB In 1/2 Destination" is set to whichever Outputs your speakers are connected to. If it's set to MULTI it'll route the sound from LIVE to your amp as well as your speakers (if you're using an amp). Any preset should work to record, and any preset with the output set to Multi should be good for direct monitoring during recording, and playback of your recorded tracks.


As soon as you've got LIVE Preferences properly configured (I read your post prior to your deleting it), remember that the screenshot shows Track 1 ready to record and Track 2 ready to play back. Once you have the Track Inputs configured to record and the tracks armed, you should see the Input meters in LIVE reacting when you play. Arm the transport and press the spacebar. You should get a two measure count-in before recording starts. You may need to configure that, I don't know if it's the default. Fact is, I rarely use LIVE, I use Reaper and Cakewalk. Most of what I know about LIVE I just kinda figured out. The LIVE manuals are excellent, and the Info box I pointed out tells you all about whatever you hover over. There's a wealth of tutorials out there, both on the Ableton site and YouTube, but both the manuals and the tutorials are primarily tailored to the needs of Electronic Music folks. Guitarists and other traditional musicians not so much.


And yeah, if you look for info on "wet/dry", that means something entirely different. You're interested in "re-amping".

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On 6/7/2020 at 6:12 AM, jshyer said:

I've gone crazy watching wet/dry videos on youtube which is likely why I'm overwhelmed by this



When it come to re-amp videos it doesn't get much clearer than this which is very old, but should be easy to understand.



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Hey just wanted to say thank you for all of the advice here.  I finally got a chance to sit down with this again and I think I finally got it!!!  The key was remembering to "arm" both tracks in Ableton.  So appreciative of the time y'all took to help out!

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