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Footswitch for Spider IV


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Hi Guys,


FBV3 is a complete brick when it's paired with IV (150) - it only changes channels. They shouldn't list those two as compatible. Anyways, just sold mine and now  I can't find a good foot controller for IV. I would like to control the effects and looper. I also need to connect my IV to the PC IV edit app. Did they discontinue shortboard MKII ? Please don't tell me to upgrade to V. I have a 240 which I absolutely hate. 



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Yes, you want the Shortboard MkII.  Used ones available at reverb:  https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=line%206%20shortboard


BTW, the amp's looper is not much good for things.  Short recording time and when you change your amp's patch, it changes the loop's sound, too, so you can't lay down a rhythm track with one sound, then switch patches to play a lead over it.

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