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Sonic Port VX - Ipad Pro (2018) - Mobile Pod

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Hi there,

I just purchased an Ipad Pro 2018, which is my first Apple products for decades; come from Windows and Android OS. Then I purchased a Sonic Port VX, I plug in from Micro-USB/USB cable with an USB-C adapter.

The device is detected by Mobile Pod, I can play guitar with it BUT it does not unlock the amp, if I want to access to full amps , cabs and effects, I need to purchase the app.


Do you have any solution ? is it because I don t use the 14 pin to Lightning cable ?


On windows with my UX2 or POD HD 500, I just have to run Line6 Monkey, should I need to register the device on line ?


Any help is welcome

thank you

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I have more or less the same problem. The guitar --> Port VX --> iPad Pro+ POD --> Amplifier connection does not work (iPad Pro uses a USB C input), but 

guitar --> Port VX --> iPhone + POD --> Amplifier connection does work (iPhone with the original Lightning input). 


What I think is that the lightning cable coming from the Port VX when it goes into the iPad using an adapter (lightning female to USB c) there is a problem with the adapter. I bought Ringke adapters but I guess that's the problem.


Let me know. 

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Indeed, just change my old smatphone to an Iphone. Same as you.

Guitar - > Sonic Port VX - > Iphone , with Lightning Line 6 cable, Mobile Pod is fully unlock, got sound and can play with the app or Bias  FX

Guitar -> Sonic Port VX - >  Ipad Pro, with USB C cable, Mobile Pod just allow 4 amps


The Lightning adapter to USB C seems only to work for charging, not audio or data transfer.


I have send an Email to Line 6 Support, still no answer, I guess tthey may need a firmware updtate to allow to unlock the amp on the Ipad Pro, anyone from Line 6 can answer ?

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Don't even waste your time on the Sonic Port XV. I just got mine out after it being packed away for a year and they still haven't fixed anything and gotten it working right. I just did sign in to see if there's a slime chance of news but.....nothing. I'm certainly not buying anything Line6 anymore.

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