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Helix LT with Shure SM7B


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So I'm planning on getting a Shure SM7B and I'd really like to run it through my Helix. This is the LT version, so I'll need to use an XLR to 1/4 transformer. 


Hoping someone that knows more about mics (impedance, compatibility, ...) can suggest a transformer that will work.


Is there anything else I need to make a proper vocal setup with the Helix LT? Can I get away with just the mic and a transformer? (I was thinking the Shure A85F)


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IMO... Pick up a low cost mic pre, something like the ART Tube MP. Plug the Mic into that, then run that into a return on the LT for further processing.  


On 6/7/2020 at 7:38 PM, OwenFerguson said:

(I was thinking the Shure A85F)


You own an LT, and bought a good mic! Why compromise now? The ART I mention isn't a great mic pre by any means, but it is light years better than running a basic adapter. 

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