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Pod Hd Pro X , Cubase 5.1 Keeps On Crashing And Restarting My Laptop


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I was wondering if someone can help me with this or could let me know if they are having the same problem as I seem to be getting nowhere in finding a solution.


 I'm using my POD HD PRO X as my ASIO driver audio input/output device to record with my DAW Cubase 5.1. My laptop keeps on crashing after a few minutes use or sometimes immediately with an error due to the POD HD Pro X. I am using a Brand new HP Pavilion I5 laptop with 8GB ramm and 2T disk space (windows 8 ) .


The error message appears and goes too fast to take a screen shot or write it down as it basically happens spontaneously and makes the laptop crash and restart instantly when the error occurs. From what I can see in that split second that the error shows up it says something along the lines of the line pod hd drivers system unequal.

I have used cubase 5.1 with amplitube 3 and guitar rig with a rme babyface interface and it never crashes at all with that.
I very much prefer the sounds on my POD HD X so I am gutted that I can't use it without this happening.


I was advised by support to reinstall the drivers.


All the drivers are up to date with a green tick next to them.I have now reinstalled the drivers (green ticks next to each) as it was before and everything should have been fine.
It's still making my laptop crash and shut down.


Anyone else having this problem?

Could anyone please advise.





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My line 6 keeps rebooting, while searching web found many users having same issue, i paid a lot of money for my line 6 at guitar center, i have not used it more than 20 times, i work on computers this sounds like a hardware issue, please tell me what i can do, i have had my Marshall amp 30 years never had a problem.

many people are having same issues with there line 6 need Help

Thanks Clayton Golden

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