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Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode! Firmware upgrade from 2.3 to 2.92

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New Helix user here.  The Helix Floor came with firmware 2.30.


I  downloaded HX Edit 2.92.  I followed the install instructions as well as the backup instructions.  I then went through the firmware update.  Now the Helix will start up stating Firmware 2.92 and then it switches to Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode! with the sine waves moving below it.


When I start HX Edit, the sine waves on HX Edit are moving while it says "connecting" for a short time and then the Helix sine wave freezes and the HX Edit says "Reconnect.  Connection Interrupted." 


I'm running a Windows 7 laptop.  I have tried three cables and three USB ports.


If I shut down HX Edit and start Line 6 Updater, the screen will either be blank black or white with Account and About at the top, but I can't click on them.


Please help!



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" Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode! with the sine waves moving below it." - This may take a while(20 minutes) when you update from 2.3 to 2.9


Try theses steps if you still have problems:

Turn off the Helix and close all line6/audio software.

Uninstall all line 6 software and drivers and reboot.

Reinstall the HX Edit package (2.92) - When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked.

Start the Helix with FS6 and FS12 pressed (update mode)

Start the LINE 6 Updater.


(...don't use a USB-HUB, try annother USB-port

if it still does not work use annother computer for the update)

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Maks sure to either reboot or having a look into task manager before attempting to open the Line 6 updater. A stalled HX Edit will continue to run as a background service as long as you don't reboot or shut it down manually - and the updater won't work under that condition.
Also, use offline mode with the updater (you will need to download the firmware flash files for that to work).
And finally, as has been said, you may want to go into manual update mode by holding FSs 6 and 12 while booting the Helix before you do anything.

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, eharding said:

Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!


Jumping from v2.3 to 2.9 means that your Helix will have to go through the routine where the Core Operating System (v2.80) of the HX family of products changes drastically and many people found that it appears that your hardware is not responding. Actually it is, although it can seem to take an extremely long time to do this. Your Globals will be reset by the Core changes so make sure that you have a backup, if needed.


Anyhow, see both of the above posts regarding this issue, and also here is something I copied from another post I made regarding the offline way to install v2.92


Updated version of the notes posted previously for a Mac User, modified for a PC.


O.K. go to the "DOWNLOADS" menu at the top of this page and from  "-ALL HARDWARE-" select HELIX, then leave the "-ALL SOFTWARE-" as is, now select your PC Operating System from under the "-ALL OS-" tab. From the next page you can select the Firmware 2.92 Flash Memory for your Helix, then below that you will need the HX Edit 2.92. Now scroll further down the page a grab Line 6 Updater version 1.9. Download all these bits to your PC. If you have made any presets that you wish to keep then they need to be backed up using HX Edit prior to updating the Firmware. If everything if fine then proceed to next step. Ensure that HX Edit is closed and that you have your Helix connected to your PC by USB cable (do not use a hub) and launch the Updater Utility and select "Offline Mode". Your Helix and current firmware version should show in the window, click on the dark green coloured band and you should now have the option to select a  local file - point it at the Flash Memory file you down loaded  and let it get on with the update.


Hope this helps/makes sense

Edited by datacommando
Note re: Globals

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Hey everyone!


Thank you very much for helping me out.


I did try a different cable and two different USB ports on  a Win 10 desktop. 


I then followed Datacommando's instructions to the letter and was able to upgrade the firmware on the Helix and Powercab Plus 112 without any issue. 


Thanks again for everything!

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