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Editing Softfware For Jm4 Files And Better Wav Saving

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1) is there any Software for editing the JM4 files like REC_01.jam?

E.g. renaiming files or maintain the files or even changing the settings as available in JM4?

The scrolling with the knobs is a horror.. The PODxT e.g. had an editing Software.


2) One can save all jam files to the SD-Card but for exporting them to wav files, one has to do this for single every file!!!!

There is no funktion to save all internal files to wav format. (This is also very annoing..)


regards Metalmusic

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There is a program called Jam2Wav that quickly converts the JAM file to a WAV file for easy editing or converting into a MP3 file.  It is freeware and is easy to use - seconds for each file if you pull the SD Card and do a manual conversion.


Audacity is freeware to edit WAV's and other audio files once you convert it into a WAV format so you can manipulate it however you wish.


44,100kHz 16 Bit Mono is the WAV format and with Audacity you can create stereo channels for MP3 exporting.


Sndrec32.exe off of  Windows XP is also a great file to have to manipulate the WAV files on saving / converting easily.  

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