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Hd 500 With Mxr Pedal Chorus


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why do you use an additional chorus, when you use the hd?

This means more cables, additional power supply, more noise in signal path, because the hd had to switch d/a, a/d!

The hd 500 provides anything you need.

Just my 2 cents.

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I can understand this, to be frank I think that both the Flanger and Chorus FX on the HD500 are lacking to be honest.


I own a MXR chorus - which is great - but do I hook it up to the POD? - Well no because when I gig with the POD I want a quick set up and tear down and so work the best I can with the inferior modulation FX available on the POD. I have said this many times but I honestly don't think the punters can tell the difference as long as your sound is close to decent.

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