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Output limited/gated/compressed at startup; then fixes itself


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I'm having an issue with my Helix Rack that just started this week. I was using firmware version 2.82, but I upgraded to 2.92 last night and the problem is still there.


I have my passive bass connected to Guitar In via a known good instrument cable. I have tried several cables just to be sure it's not a cable issue. I have the L/Mono 1/4" output connected to a practice amp (Ampeg BA-112 v2) and I have the XLR Left/Mono connected to a stereo power amp that is not powered on. Again, I have tried several cables just to be sure it's not a cable issue. The Helix Control is not connected. This configuration normally works with no issue.


When I power on the Helix, it comes up with an empty patch, User 1, Patch 15, New Patch. The input block is set to Multi and the Gate is OFF; the output block is set to Multi; there are no other blocks. The Volume knob is set to 12:00.


The problem is that when I play the bass, there's no output from the Helix unless I play very softly or until the note played decays until it's at low volume. It's as if there's a hard compressor or limiter in the Helix.


When I play normally (fairly hard right hand technique) I hear a click when I play a note. When I hold the note, I will eventually get some output after the note decays past some threshold. The output meters with version 2.92 show this also. It's as if there is an active compressor or limiter. But the preset has nothing - other than the Input and Output blocks. This happens on my other presets also, I just switched to an empty preset for troubleshooting.


After a while (5, 10, 20 minutes?), this issue goes away and all is normal. I don't do anything to make the issue go away, I just continue to play and scratch my head, lol.


While the Helix is having the issue, cycling power doesn't help. It does the same thing when it restarts. It's not until the Helix resolves itself that I can cycle power and it works normally.


Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.





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One more thing...I looked through all of the Global Settings to see if there was anything there that I thought could contribute to my issue, but didn't see anything.


Oops, 1 more...I guess that I can try the Return jacks and Aux In to see if there's any difference.



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