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Amplifi 150 Start Up Lights


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My presets A,B,D lights (leds) are on and C is completely off at power on start up.

C light (led) works like the rest when manually via TONE button selecting through the presets on the amp, lights up as it should then but not at power up with the rest.


Also while IPAD blue tooth connected, I can only use SAVE TO HARDWARE feature in the Amplifi app to save a preset in one of the four slots and it does work fine.


Holding down the Tone button to save a preset (like the manual says to do) does nothing when in IPAD connected mode with Amplifi app up and runing and I havn't tried this with no IPAD connected as I don't want to lose any of my just absolutely epic sounding 4 present presets and would not know how to bail out to abort the manual save without any loss of present presets.


No problems I know of after testing almost all features using a Les Paul, the obsessive nature in me would expect all four LEDs to be the same brightness at power up so that leaves me wondering...what others see in their 150 at power up?   Don't have a IPAD right now (I borrow the family IPAD for now at nights until I get my own or Iphone soon) but the firmware is latest that ended in .05 I believe and the C light was out as well on power up with the prior version original as purchased firmware as well.


For anybody with a 150 is this normal?   FWIW  dare I say here I love this amp....


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OPERATING TIP: When  I start up my 150, all four lights are dimly lit for about three seconds. Then preset "A" blinks for another two seconds (as the "Tone" light comes on).   After two seconds, the "A" preset quits blinking and goes "on" steady. When the "A" preset goes steady, the "Tap" button starts blinking and the big volume knob shows the red volume level -- at about four notches.  AE

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Thanks for your reply regarding the start up lights.  Mine obviously has a hardward problem with LED C, it is not that the LED does not work its characteristics for bias tollerance for current sink on off state are a little different than the others most likely, given LED C works when using for actual presets, just doesn't change to on state during the weak current sink during the power up power down phase, like the A, B and D led's do.   


I called support about it this AM.  They could not confirm no impact down the road but did consider it to be a definate hardware problem, my decision to send in for repair or to take back to the store.  Alternately I could have just kept it but decided to take it back to the store.  The box is a bit thin, I hope they don't ship them in this box alone without any outer box.


This was tough as no more new in the box, only demo's available for replacement.  I play Humble Pie and the "are you ready dirty" preset out there worked perfectly for that same song by Humble Pie, with a Les Paul I don't think anything sounded so dead on for it from the live at the fillmore days.   I am not done with these amps, just done with this first try and hope I do not live to regret returning it.  The Rob Chapman and Mountain presets also were excellent at least on this 150 I had.


Borrowing the family IPAD worked for the time I had it, if I get another I suppose that will work again but I did have about 30 or so patches on line built up in only a few days.


For the next one the four preset LEDs are the first thing I will check.    Oh saving presets per the manual mode worked great with no IPAD connected, with IPAD connected you do have to do it via the "save to hardware" feature in the app.


To Line 6 all I can say is, "I'll Be Back".

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