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Good resources for tips and discussions about Go or Helix?


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Does anyone know if there are good discussion forums or sites dedicated to Helix/Go?  This forum appears to be more for tech support than for talking about presets, effects, patches, etc.! 


For instance, sure, the manual states the Soup Pro is the Supro S6616, but that's not much info...  I can google the amp, and it's fun to learn about, but hard to believe there's no dedicated site or resource with relevant info.  You could imagine at least a site with some pictures of the amp, maybe some recommendations about what the amp is good at, how it should be used, etc.?  Same for the effects...  Ex; 30 distortions, pretty overwhelming when you don't know anything about most of them...  Then there's hundreds more effects, amps, etc... 


I thought I'd start with the presets, but...  It's kind of a pain to go through them all, and I find myself skipping most, as they sort of feel bland, they seem miles away from for example youtube 'tweaked' tones I heard when researching the Go.  So I don't know, is there a discussion forum somewhere where users can share tips, experiences, suggestions for some patches, effects, etc.?

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Thanks I'll likely check out it!  I created a amps thread and a cabs thread, hopefully people can share some good info in there, I was thinking definitely effects also, but that might be a bit much for now lol


Oh I was also reading the Pod Go thread on thegear page, I started about page 180, thread starts when it's announced and and everyone speculates, so actual product discussion late...  But it's pretty much mishmash, all kinds of random topic so...  Not so much discussion about effects and such...  Though there are some patches to download and a few screenshots with some settings

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