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HX Effects as a simple mixer?


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would it be possible to use the 2 inputs and 2 returns on the HXFX to connect 2 acoustic guitars, a keyboard and a mic (with its own preamp) and send them all to one output?

I don't need any effects besides a clean boost for one guitar and some EQ (an ideal would be one EQ for each instrument, but I don't think this can be done).

My need is to have a simple and small setup for P&W where I can control everything with my feet, I just need a switch for boost and one to mute everything/tune.

I was looking at the EAE StompMix but that seems to be overkill for my needs if I can achieve a similar result with the HXFX.


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Yes.... it will be convoluted, but it can work. 

  • Setup a double path... and direct one input to the upper path and one to the lower path. 
  • On each of those paths, insert a RETURN BLOCK (one for each return) and make sure the MIX is set to allow the signal from the input through as well. 
  • On the MERGE block, just have both paths set to equal outputs so they blend. You can pan them so the outputs are separated, but that doesn't seem to be what you want. 

Now EQ,  plan it accordingly and work backward!

  • Setup an EQ at the end of each path, and adjust it for the RETURN on that path. Try to make sure the RETURN is something that needs minimal EQ. 
  • Setup an EQ on each path between the INPUT and the RETURN BLOCK. Use that EQ to adjust the INPUTS, without affecting the RETURN blocks. 

Now for effects....

  • If you only want to have an effect on the INPUT(s), place the effect between the INPUT and RETURN block on that path
  • Anything you add after the return block will effect BOTH the input and return on that path
  • Anything you add after the MERGE block will effect every input!

Good luck! 


SAMPLE SETUP (this is how I would setup what you are describing)


  • Guitar 1 > Input 1
  • Guitar 2 > Input 2
  • Vocal > Return on Path 1
  • Keyboard > Return on Path 2
  • EQ and REVERB placed after the MERGE block. This will act as a GLOBAL EQ and a Common Reverb.... use the reverb sparingly.
  • Insert an EQ after the Retrun on Path 1... set this for the VOCAL (if the mic pre-amp has EQ built in, you won't need this EQ)
  • The keyboard path shouldn't need an EQ... but if it does, insert it after the RETURN block
  • Insert an EQ on each path before the RETURN blocks. This EQ will control each guitar individually


That should leave you with 1 or 2 additional blocks.... insert as required. 

For the "BOOST" I would use snapshots and adjust the EQ level for each guitar rather than insert gain or boost blocks. But that's just my opinion. 



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