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Running Actual Dual Amplifiers


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I'm planning on running dual amplifiers (Line 6 Spider Valve MKII HD100 w/ Fender Hetal Head 412 cab alongside a B-52 AT-100 w/ Line 6 Spider V 412 cab) utilizing a Line 6 POD HD Pro X and using HD Pro X Edit program. All I can find in the community are topics covering running dual amps in the processor. I want to run the literal dual amps for two completely different tones simultaneously and to give the depth of having two guitars at once. What are anyone's opinions, suggestions, don't do's, definitely do's, etc? Thanks in advance! Once I'm done with dialing in the tone on the Pro X I'll post the .pxe patch.

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Well, my opinion is --- 

I went to a modeler so that I didn't need to worry about physical amps. There is nothing between the guitar and the mixer except my modeler. 

*note: sometimes I have 'special purpose' items that are used. they are not part of the regular rig. 

But, if you want to run multiple physical amps... have at it. 


Suggestions would be - 

watch out for phase cancellation. 

try various configurations, like running dual amps into dual amps but sometimes you do it centered and sometimes you do it separated left and right. 

slight delays on one amp (requires running stereo). Not a repetitive echo echo echo, but an actual deelaay of tonnee. 

use it in combination with the other inputs and outputs. so you get a dry signal into an amp, where you run your amp gain, and then have the modeler providing its gain signal into the fx loop. 


I mean, the world is your oyster. have at it. 

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I use actual dual amps.  I use the PODHD as the pre-amp into the FX return of my amps.  Which means I use the pre versions of the PODHD's amp only and no cab emulation.  I also put a delay between the two amps of 20ms.


If you'd like to see what I did here's the preset.

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Here's a quickie video I did comparing a Laney GH50L tube amp to the PODHD into a JCM900.  The PODHD is only being used as a pre-amp into the FX return of the JCM900.  It compares both amps in mono and dry, but at the end shows the PODHD/JCM900 in stereo with a little effects added.  As you can hear, the stereo effect really beefs it up. 


I did my comparison against the Laney because I perform in a Sabbath Tribute band and Tony Iommi uses Laney amps.


I wish I could use only the PODHD by itself but have never been completely happy with the hi gain tone I was looking for unless I hooked it into a tube amp and cab.  I've heard recordings that sounded really good but I just couldn't get that sound any other way.  Maybe the Helix will finally get me what I'm looking for and I can put all the heavy lifting behind me.




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