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Spider V 240HC sound fades/cuts out


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I'm hoping that someone else may have some experience how to fix this issue. I have a 240 HC that seems to work perfectly when I play it for 10-15 minutes, but the longer I play it, the more it starts to act weird:


1. The volume will start to modulate on its own...losing volume for a few seconds and then regaining it.

2. Distortion does something similar...the sound will go from a very nice thick distorted sound to almost a clean sound and back.

3. There is almost no bass, even on a pair of Eminence Swamp Thangs.

4. The unit is not as loud as I would imagine. My old Valve HD100 mk ii blows it out of the water both in terms of volume and in terms of mid and low frequencies using the same 2x12 cab.


Both of these issues happen at random but the one consistency is that they get progressively worse the longer the unit has been turned on. I've updated all the software and this issue happens on multiple guitars, it happens with both the built in tweeters and a 2x12, and it happens on different outlets/circuits/etc. The only commonality is the head unit. 

Unfortunately, I bought this used and I am beginning to believe that this is the reason someone sold it in the first place, but does anyone have any good ideas as to what it could be?



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