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M9 Delays Either Notes Or Timed, Can't Change Between The Two...


All of the sudden today when using delays on my M9, when I turn the settings knob that cycles between the delay note values or time millisecond values, it will only go between the delay notes (if that delay was already set on a note for tap tempo), or to the time millisecond values (if that delay was already set to a specific millisecond value). 


I can't turn it all the way up or down to go between the two possibilities. That means the tap tempo doesn't work on any of those delays that had the millisecond values on them in the first place. 


Any idea what's going on or how that happened all the sudden (or most importantly, how to remedy)?

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Hard to say but if you have a fail in one area it don't hurt to open it up and make sure the ribbon cables didn't come loose.  Just use a hot glue gun to reglue if they come loose.  Mine did this and little by little my petal functions stopped working then disappeared..  may be why it is intermitent..


You can even take it back to the place you bought if it is under warranty and ask them to open it and check it.

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