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helix power options and questions


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I have the Helix Stomp and a Marshall SV112 cab (16 ohm). Right now I am using the Orange Terror Stamp as a power amp (using the fx return) to use the helix with my cab. It sounds great to me but I wonder if I am missing anything by not going for something more serious/dedicated like a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170. I don't play loud at home and the cab has always been miced at gigs so if it is just for the sake of more volume, I don't see the point in spending more money. The orange also doubles as a backup amp which is handy.


Any suggestions on going with the line 6 powercab instead as I don't plan on getting a head for the Marshall cab in the for-seeable future (unless a quieter lunchbox tube amp head gets released).


Also, is there anyway to have an idea of how loud to aim for when creating a patch with metering etc?

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Funny you should ask.....


I have a Powercab112+ ($475 used). I also have a Bugera 112TS and EHX .44 Magnum ($150 used).

I just spent two hours running through Helix amps (and Powercab speakers) A/B ing them.

I can't decide which I like better. I think I'll use them in stereo.

Or I could sell the Powercab and get another guitar......

I'm definitely selling my Tweaker15 Combo. Tubes are so yesterday.


You said the OTS sounds great, and is loud enough for your needs. It's also got tone controls.

A wise man once said:


"If it works, don't fix it!"


Obviously, not a politician or a commissioned sales person.


It sounds like you have a serious case of G.A.S.

Play your guitar, you'll get over it!


Unfortunately, I've never been good at following my own advice.......

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9 hours ago, Richard90 said:

I bough a terror stamp too and have really loud high frequency noise in combination, I bought my Helix LT used and am afraid if there is something wrong with the hardware.


Hard to tell much from that description. If the "noise" is a constant high pitched "whine", sort of like a ground loop but high frequency, unplug the USB from the LT. If it goes away, you have a USB ground loop somewhere in your system. Plug the USB back in and unplug other USB connections until you find the problem.

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