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Hx Stomp & Strymon Iridium


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12 hours ago, dpasqa said:

Did you get you’re lridium to work with the stomp? If Dow please thee me how. I’ve been on this for two days. 

thanks don

What exactly isn't working for you? You're getting no sound? Lol silly question, but like, I don't get the problem.

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I ordered a Stomp and a Strymon Iridium to do extensive testing with both to see which might work best for me for 1) home studio integration and 2) live performance.


I ended up sending the Iridium back (and selling my HX Effects), primarily because I was able to create Stomp patches that sounded at least 90% as good (to my ears) as the Iridium's superb Fender, Vox, and Marshall amp/cabs/IRs. The Stomp was, of course,  much more flexible in terms of I/O, and I was disappointed in the Iridium's limited MIDI + Expression pedal capability (you had to use one or the other). Icing on the cake was the Stomp's effects. Of course, combining the Iridium with a Stomp overcomes the Iridium's shortcomings, but in my opinion you just end up duplicating stuff (amp sims). Combining an HX Effects and Iridium makes more sense to me.

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