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Pod GO into Dark Terror?


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Hi all,


Recently got a Pod GO, which is mainly used for playing into headphones, or into a computer for recording - generally to be quiet!

I also have an Orange Dark Terror and PPC112 cabinet (from a previous apartment which wasn’t paper-thin). Is there a way to run the guitar directly into the Pod GO and then into either the cabinet or the head? (so I can play without headphones). The goal would be to use the Pod GO for as much of the sound as possible. 


I’m quite new to this and have got myself in a muddle with all the different cables, outputs and settings!



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Your amp has got an FX loop, nice!  The most optimal method to connect would be the 4 cable method, page 7 of the manual.  It allows you to use your amp's distortion via the Go's effect loop, really cool!


If you don't want to complicate things though, you can just plug your guitar to Go's guitar in and Go's Main out to your amp's FX loop return.  Make sure your main out is set to instrument level in the Go's global settings. (manual page 32)


And btw how is the sound Go via headphones? 


Oh and no go for directly in the cabinet.  The Go doesn't have an amplifier, so the sound needs to be amplified somehow!  I'm using a regular stereo amplifier via hifi speakers, also works great!

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Thanks for your help. I like the idea of simple - so going into the FX loop return on the Dark Terror sounds like a good idea. 

I noticed in the manual that the Pod GO Amp Out can instead be used to send a “non-cab simulated signal” into a guitar amp. Is this going to be any better/more useful than the regular Main Out into the FX return?


Also - headphones are great. I’m using my trusty set of Shure SRH940’s and I have no complaints (thankfully, neither do my neighbours!). 

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