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Hx Stomp/Edit: Audio dropouts and sudden loss of reverb?

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Hey folks,


   I was creating a patch on Hx Edit paired with my Stomp last night.  I was moving a compressor around to see where I liked it in the signal chain.  

Several times when I dragged it before or after the amp block, all sound would dropout.  Even changing to a different patch wouldn’t fix it.  No sound at all.  The stomp wasn’t frozen in any way... just no sound. I had to cycle the power on the stomp to fix it.  It happened a few more times.


I’m using 2.92 on both Hx edit and the stomp running on Windows 10.


At other times, the reverb on a patch would suddenly cut out.... and the stomp was not connected to Hx edit.


Can’t say I’ve experienced either issue prior to 2.92.  When I get the chance, I’ll reinstall 2.92 and maybe go back to 2.90.


Have these issues come up before?


Sean Meredith-Jones 


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