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helix and powercab+ link not working


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Also- Don't use the midi connection to switch the PC+ speaker simulations (if that's what you are doing). Use the L-6 Link cable from Helix to the PC+. Then use the editor's "Output" area to pick the speaker u want for the patch. U will see a choice there for the PC+ speaker and Mic choices.

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On 7/3/2020 at 4:02 AM, almutley said:

hi guys just a quick question about line6 link.

my Helix lt is linked to powercab 112+ but no changes I make are stored or recalled, it works fine with midi but not l6 link, any ideas?


When you say "no changes you make are stored or recalled" are you talking about the LT or the PowerCab+?  You may already be aware of this but just in case - when you use the L6 Link, changes you make to the PC+ parameters from the LT will be reflected by the PC+ but stored on the LT, not the PC+. Note:  save your LT preset. The LT essentially just uses a single preset on the PC+ as a workbench for whatever the preset you have dialed up on the LT is configuring on the PC+. The next time you dial up that preset on your LT, the PC+ will configure itself to the settings you selected for it in your LT preset.

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