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POD Go presets from Fremen


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Now also available for the Pod GO, the Pink Floyd presets pack, with presets for 26 songs. If the demo is for the HX Stomp version, the sounds for the Pod GO version are exactly the same 
These 81 presets covers 26 Pink Floyd songs : Another brick in the wall Pt 1 & 2, The happiest days of our  lives, Breathe, Comfortably numb, Echoes, Goodbye blue sky, Have a  cigar, Hey you, High hopes, In the flesh, Marooned, Money, Mother, On  the turning away, Run like hell, Shine on you crazy diamond, The final  cut, The great gig in the sky, Time, Us and them, Any color you like,  Brain damage/Eclipse, Wish you were here, Young lust (with “Sorrow”  intro). Also included are 8 user cabs (IRs). 


The  songs are those I play with my Pink Floyd cover band. Most of the time  we cover the original studio versions, sometimes it’s the live versions.  For “Mother”, we play the Roger Waters “The Wall” live version ; for  “Any color you like”, the Dream Theater cover version. “Money” is  tweaked for the “Delicate sound of thunder” live version, “Comfortably  numb” too. Note that I used an Axe-Fx II, then Axe-FX III, live with my  band. This pack, made after receiving many requests, is a recreation of  those Axe-Fx presets, also available for the Line 6 Helix (in my "Big Pack") & HX  Stomp.
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