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Upgrading from HD500X to POD GO


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Hello! First time poster here.


I'm thinking of upgrading to a POD Go from my trusty old HD500X, but I'm not sure I'll be able to run some of my current patches. 


My main concern is a D.I/clean fender style patch with 2 pitch bend pedals (one an octave above and one an octave below), plate reverb and digital or mod delay. 

I use this patch quite a lot for clean/ambient tones!


As for everything else I use it's usually nothing more than a standard clean, transparent OD or high gain tones with reverb, delay, noise gate, chorus. All of these are mix and match depending on the gig/song but I'd never really exceed the four blocks I can edit apart from the odd volume or EQ that's included in the non-editable blocks! But I would definitely use the four blocks with pretty much all lead/clean tones.


I'll be using it live and as an FX unit for demo recording on my PC. 


If it's the case that the LT would be a better fit I don't mind too much (I'd originally planned on getting a Boss GT-1000... sacrilege I know).

Any help/advice would be appreciated! 


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It will sound different to HD500 but what you're describing is possible.


For the clean/ambient thing:

  1. Fender amp and cab (or turn off amp/cab for DI)
  2. plate reverb
  3. delay
  4. dual pitch block (you can run both the octave up and octave down in a single block
  5. You always have volume pedal, wah, eq on every preset
  6. There is now still one open block to do whatever you want with it

If you want separate control of the octave up/down you could either split it (as you currently do) and use up the last free spot or you could use stomp mode or snapshot assignments to change its configuration.


For the standard tones:

  1. There is a noise gate built into the input block so if noise gate at the front of your signal is sufficient for you then you don't need to use a block for it
  2. amp/cab
  3. reverb
  4. delay
  5. chorus
  6. You always have volume pedal, wah, eq on every preset

Sounds like you kind of already worked all this out for yourself already so not sure if I'm shedding new light on it for you. Any other questions? I own both POD Go and Helix Floor and used an HD500 as my main rig for six years. So I can certainly answer more questions about the ecosystem.

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Thanks man! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overestimating what I could do with it (seeing as what I do isn't very demanding). But that helps loads, thanks! 

The last thing was using custom IR's which I found out I can do on YouTube a few mins ago. 

I didn't factor in the built-in gate at the input stage! 

As for the pitch effect, I've been messing around with it on my hd500x and it sounds great without using the stereo amp setup I used to use! Maybe using the single pedal with octave up, octave down and dry signal will sound just as good. 


Thanks again! I'm about 95% sure this is the product I'll go for.

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Would recommend keeping the 500X and adding a cabinet IR loaders pedal and pair that with it. I did exactly that and traded in my 500X and a couple extra bucks for a Pod Go and miss having the "open imagination" platform it offered. 6 blocks are locked in with the Pod Go leaving 4 open blocks for effects. If you like high gain, the amps need a ts808 for bite and attack. I regret trading my stuff in and should've bought an IR pedal to pair with it.

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