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Spider V60 Mkii Wireless Compatibilty


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Hi - I recently bought a Spider V60 mkii  and am looking to get a wireless transmitter.  I wondered if any other transmitters other than the GT10T will work with the internal transceiver built into the amp. I know that is the recommended one and supported one, but wondered whether others will also work

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Only a Line 6 transmitter's can pair to a Line 6 receiver. 


Other transmitters that would work are the Line 6 TBP06, or the TBP12. These transmitters are designed for rugged applications, and clip on to your belt or guitar strap. Since these transmitters do not auto sync like the G10T, you would have to set the wireless channel manually on both the Spider V60 and the transmitter, for the initial set up. These transmitters can be found on our shop:


The G10T runs on the same 2.4Ghz uncompressed signal as all other Line 6 wireless systems. The G10t is great due to its ability to be recharged by the amp, 50ft of range and the auto off feature that when you disconnect G10T from a guitar it powers off and doesn't give off any pops or clicks even when plugging back in. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding G10T, please feel free to ask and we'll be happy to help!

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Hi there, is there any way to override your built-in transmitter? My G10T is virtually useless after the fire firmware update and only stays powered about 30 minute .

I just assumed there would be a way to use other vendor's wireless systems but sadly, I might be wrong. Please let me know thanks!

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