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Spider V 120 reset because amp sound like crap.


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I was wonder if anybody else has had to reset the Spider V 120 because suddenly the sound coming from the presets are terrible. 

I've had to reset 5 times in the year that I've owned the amp.

Is this normal? Why would this happen? I'm getting very frustrated with this amp. 

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I've not had this problem.    Only times I've reset my amplifier is between the larger upgrades (2.00 for example to get an opportunity to listen to the new presets).


If you have to do this frequently, I'd get in touch with Line 6 support.


The forum isn't a method to start the support process other than interacting with other Line 6 owners, like myself.

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Jocko, I know what you're sayin... I've downloaded tones too but I think its after changing settings in any of the presets, especially volume and gain, etc.. it suddenly changes the volume and gain in other settings... Line 6 what gives? I've reset the amp, which does work but why is this happening and how do we fix this?

using Spider V 30

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