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I've looked around, but I haven't seen any videos (or much of anything) where somebody directly compares a Helix w/ Powercab(s) against the HD series w/ DT Amps.


I have seen the Helix direct compared to mic'd amps, but I'm really curious to hear the two "Dream Rigs" battle it out.


Anybody else?

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I have both a DT25 and PowerCab 112+.  Both work great with my HD500x and Helix.   I have to say that I use my PowerCab 112+ more than the DT25 now.  It's just easier to deal with.  Both sound fantastic.


For the HD500, if you want you can use the preamp with the DT25, and you specify the speaker emulation/mic, and the DT25 adjusts, and you have full control over the topology of the amp.  Some people use a full amp model because they like the sounds.  When you use it with the PowerCab, none of the amp controls work, and you mostly use the PC as a FRFR speaker, or you use the PC+ and an Impulse Response, or a "speaker emulation".  When you do that, you probably would want to use "none" for the speaker model in the HD500.


I was bummed that you can't use both DT25 and PC at the same time with the L6Link cable.


I won't be making video comparisons or anything beyond my description above.

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