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Using Looper functions in new Command Center layout- having problems


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Hi - 


very happy to be able to put looper controls into a preset using command center!


i used it at gig and went well, but realized i needed one more looper control.  (since I sometimes have to record a section to solo over later, it's important to be able to use STOP to end the loop so it's ready when i need later in the song)


Now have Undo, Rec/OD, Play, Stop


problem is that my play and stop switches have to be pushed twice to respond..   i can't figure out anything wrong in the settings.


after recording a loop, the buttons seem to work ok the first time, but if i stop the loop, then it takes 2 pushes on play to play it and then 2 pushes on stop to stop it.


Any assistance would be much appreciated!

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I have this issue for two snapshots.  So, I don’t think this is a looper issue per se, but something with command center.  What’s strange is that the double press issue only happen when going from certain snapshots to certain other snapshots.  I.e


Our band does ‘I Ran’ by Flock of Seagulls.  So I have the following snapshots:


Footswitch 2:  Intro tone 

Footswitch 3:  Solo tone

footswitch 8:  verse delay tone

footswitch 9:  verse clean tone


if I I’m on the footswitch 8 tone and then want to go to the footswitch 3 tone, I need to press footswitch 3 two time for the snapshot to activate.  However, if I’m on the footswitch 9 tone, and go to the footswitch 3 tone, I only need to push footswitch 3 once for it to activate.  I can’t figure it out.

Ive tried dong a full factory reset and restore from backup, but that did not fix.  In command center all the settings look fine.  This started for me after going to firmware 2.91.

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