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4 Cm Method Without '"send" Jack


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Not that I can think of. It's weird that whoever built the amp would go to the trouble of putting the power amp in jack and not put a preamp out. I would think it wouldn't have been much more work to add that. Probably you're best bet is taking it to a qualified tech and having him add that jack. Should be a relatively simply mod.

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Does it have a reverb unit in it?

You might be able to employ the reverb send.


Don't do it without someone smarter than me to tell you how though!

I think in most cases it requires a few additional components in the signal path before you could just plug it into something....

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Most likely it is to save the pre being used without a load which will ruin it.


I don't know how it saves it when power amp in being used. 

Usually you find only an ext speaker jack in all but the better units.


If it is homemade then there will be a place to tap into the pre as a send. You could get the maker to put this in.


You can still go in from the HD selecting "combo" in the menu and rolling off alot of top end and not selecting or turning off amp model in the HD..

Consider the HD a pedalboard into the amp and tweak till pleased.


If you get the send installed into the amp then you get the best of both worlds using the 4CM.

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