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Wet Effect Ducking And Weird Zing/Fizzy Noise


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Hi everyone.  I hope you are all well and keeping safe in these troubling times.


So I have been creating my own patches and I really enjoy it.  However, I have been encountering some problems.  There is 2 of them:


  1. Wet effect ducking.  I am experiencing this with both my reverb and delay and I have no idea how to stop this from happening.
  2. When I go to my higher gain tones I get a very weird fizzy/zing noise.  Anyone know what this might be?


Please see the link for examples of this happening:


EDIT:  The patches are on the drive as well.


Thanks in advance,


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You obviously like the ambient thing. These (esp the DrZ) are very busy presets. Without knowing exactly what it is that you're hearing in your head, it sounds like everything is working the way I'd expect it to. We can't fully troubleshoot a problem that has IRs because we likely don't have the same IRs on our machines, but the IRs I have in those locations actually sound pretty good with these presets.


FWIW, I listened to these presets through a PC112+ set to the Flat FRFR mode. They sounded pretty good. Maybe your playback system and IR choice is accentuating what you don't like?


I'm actually not sure what you mean by "ducking"? Your MIX setting determines how much of the clean signal you hear. You won't hear the effected signal on delays until you first hear the clean signal, and on reverbs if the clean signal is much higher than the effected signal, you might not be hearing the reverb at all, or lower than you can easily perceive.




First thing you want to do is turn off all FX. Still having a problem?

Turn the FX ON ONE AT A TIME, then OFF before moving to the next one until you find the problem.


Alternatively, start with a blank preset. Add your amp and IRs.

Then add FX one at a time until you find the problem. 


Your problem is very possibly a combination of FX that doesn't play nicely together. It could also be the order of FX in the signal chain.


I notice that you like the Glitz reverb. Maybe play with the settings?


That's all I can offer. The presets, in all the configurations I tried, sounded either pretty good or totally off the wall, but pretty much as I'd expect them to sound.


Good Luck!


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On 7/16/2020 at 9:25 AM, calexandervanzyl said:

However, I have been encountering some problems.

Hi Alexander,


I find that I must agree with the comments from “rd2rk” in the post above. 

I didn’t have much time to go through everything as I was busy with something else, but I replaced the missing IRs and then ran them through my Tannoy Reveal 802 monitors and  found that I didn’t seem to detect a “weird fizzy/zing noise” on your example patch. 

The second preset has some interesting fx paths in there. The thing you mentioned about the delay/reverb ducking may be due to the settings on the LA Studio Compressor that is last in the chain. With those settings it may be a side effect of the compressor “pumping” and for some reason really flattening the wet signal and letting the dry through. I reset the parameters to be pretty standard (for me) when using the LA comp at the end :-


  • PeakReduc: 7.8
  • Gain: 7.0
  • Type: Compress
  • Emphasis:  3.5
  • Mix: 90%
  • Level: 0dB

that seemed to help a bit. Oh, yeah - you really like that Glitz verb.


Sorry that I didn’t have time to dive deep, I wanted to check how you have split the parallel paths and why the brackets around the second delay and reverb blocks on path 2. Maybe possible to check later.

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