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hard power shutdown

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Is there any downside to just removing power from the Firehawk to shut it down, instead of flipping the on/off switch?


I have a bunch of things that I need to turn on each time, and it would be easier to just have a power strip that I flip on or off. Plus that way I don't inadvertently leave something on for a while (overnight or days if I don't go play for a while). 


But I also know that hard shutdowns can be problematic for electronics, so I have always been using the on/off switches. However, these devices don't seem to be like a computer where you need to gracefully shut down. In fact, the on/off switch on all these things sure seems like it just shuts power off to the device.


So is there any downside to using a powerstrip to turn all my stuff on or off at once? Any of these components ok or not ok to do it? Other than the Eon I don't think any of this stuff is super power hungry where you'd get a large startup draw and blow fuses or anything. 

-Firehawk FX

-JBL Eon speaker

-Samson USB mixer with effects (non-powered)

-a few pedals

-Yamaha electronic keyboard

-Alesis electronic drumset

-presonus audiobox usb interface

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I can’t speak to the other devices but for the Firehawk FX there is no difference. Feel free to use a power bar for it.


A computer is different  because it needs to do some processing (saving data, closing multiple programs and files, etc..) to shut down properly, and requires power during that time. A device like the Firehawk FX, and probably all others on your list,  does no processing after the power is shut off; there’s only one program running and it simply loses any unsaved data. Hence it  doesn’t matter whether there’s a soft or hard shutoff.


This reminds me of the Line 6 POD HD Devices that had no power switch because, as described above, it serves no real operational purpose. You literally disconnected the power cord at the back panel of the device to shut it down. People hated that for a variety of reasons, probably the most important being the eventual wear and tear on the cord and connector. Line 6 has never done that again although the fact that they did illustrates that there’s no real need for the switch.

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Thanks, that's what I thought. Since some of the switches aren't inconvenient (or I don't use them every time, like the keyboard), I'll probably keep those in just a regular setup. The other ones (FHFX, PA, mixer) are cycled pretty much every time, regardless of what I'm doing, and they're located on opposite sides of the room (the PA switch in particular is kinda hard to reach) so I'll just have those couple items on the power strip.


The FHFX is the one I was most concerned about since it has storage, processing, bluetooth radio, etc. Seemed the most like a computer! 

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