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HX Stomp, the 4CM and other pedals & my tiny brain!

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Hey guys, 


So I have a HX Stomp, a few pedals and a Laney IRT with an FX loop. What I would love to be able to do, is run the setup using the 4 cable method, but also incorporate my existing pedals, but I am just having a little trouble wiring it all up. I have checked the forum, and watched some really helpful videos on YouTube on the 4CM and the stomp, but haven't found anything directly related to this setup


I'm not sure whether I'm asking too much to get this all set up right or if its even possible, but is there a way to be able to have the HX stomp connected to my amp via 4cm, so I can use some effects before and after the Laney, but also have a my other pedals in the chain so my OD pedal is before the amp, and my reverb & delay pedals are after the amp too?


I'm currently hooked up like this : Guitar => OD pedal => HX Stomp Guitar input // Hx stomp L out => Amp guitar input. Then it goes from the Laney FX send => Echo pedal => Reverb pedal => Looper => Laney FX return.


This so far sounds good, I can use the drive effects and others from the stomp, but its all fed into the front of my amp. I like the flexibility of being able to use the onboard amp sims if I can because they sound great! 


I would really appreciate any help from anyone who has a similar set up, or knows that I'm just talking rubbish and it will never work haha! 



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4 (or so) cm:


Guitar>OD Pedal>HXStomp L/Mono In>HXS FX>HXS Amp (no cab)>HXS FX Loop L Block>HX FX Send L (TIP)>Outboard FX>Laney Amp Input>Laney FX Send >

Outboard FX>HXS L/Mono Return>HXS FX>HXS FX Loop R Block>HX FX Loop R (RING)>Outboard FX>HXS Right Return>HXS 1/4" L/Mono Out>Outboard FX>Laney FX Return.


If your OD Pedal is NOT true Bypass, it will be the deciding factor in pickup loading. If it IS True Bypass, depending on how you set the IN-Z setting, then the HXS Input Block (specific setting) or the first HXS effect (AUTO) will load the pickups. You can use Snapshots or individual FX Bypass buttons to alter the IN-Z setting as necessary.


Set the HXS Amp Block and the HXS FX Loop L Block to the same Footswitch, save with one ON and the other OFF, depending on how you want it configured when the preset loads. When the Amp Block is ON and the FX Loop is OFF, the Laney preamp is bypassed. If you have any outboard fx in that loop they will also be out of the circuit. When the HXS Amp is OFF and the FX Loop L Block is ON, the Laney preamp and any outboard FX in that Loop will be active.


Any Outboard FX in HXS FX Loop R will only be on when the FX Loop R Block is ON.


Outboard FX between the HXS 1/4" Out and the Laney FX Return are always ON (unless you manually turn them OFF).


Keep in mind that the end to end latency of the HXS is approx 1.8ms. Each FX Loop adds 1.8ms. Any digital Outboard FX will EACH add approx 1.8ms. It adds up.


When planning your setup, consider the KISS principle.

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Dude, thank you I really really appreciate the detailed reply! I am going to try this out later on tonight  after work and see how it goes.


Thanks again! 

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