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My HD500X sounds different ... after a track is made

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... the HD500X is up to date !
My headphone is always connected on my HD500X both listening and recording
The probelem is this ; when i play guitar on my HD500X the sound is good & i want that sound on the recording tracks ! 
But it's not the case ...it's too different !
After the recording the sound is very different!
The EQ on the HD500X is disable.
I use Cubase 10,5, Windows 10 (64 bits) & of course the HD500X as audio interface ...  every plugings & EQ are disable on Cubase to get the sound of the HD500X...but the sound is still different after a new track is done !
Yet, I want the same sound ... how to get it ?

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In what way is it different?


Also, if you listen to your recording through the same headphones but via your on-board sound card, does it the sound the same as when you play back through the Pod?


Do you have Record Monitoring on in Cubase? I am wondering if that makes you hear the sound twice when playing: once through the monitoring on the Pod, and again, slightly delayed, through the monitoring in Cubase.



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Could it be that you have the global eq of the POD turned on with custom settings?


In case you didn't know, the global eq is effective only on the live/direct sound of the analog standard outputs (headphones included), but not on the digital signal passing through the USB, nor on the playback.



All about POD HD500/X

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