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2 requests for hd500x

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1.  how to create short sound without sustain hd500x

2 .how to create on ( hd500x)  Buzuki sound on an electric guitar.



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  1. Maybe by using the POD noise gate in an unconventional way with some extreme settings, but honestly I don't think the result would be any good for the given purpose.
    I think it would be much better to work instead on the guitar rather than on the POD, for example by damping a little the string with a cloth (or else) placed under them near the bridge (or at the nut).

  2. For a buzuki type effect probably I would use the pitch glide fx to get a 2nd signal slight detuned to be mixed with the original one, and I would play only on the first strings.

    A Fender amp model which is a bit mid scooped should work nicely for a somewhat nasal type of sound. Add reverb for more resonance.



    All about POD HD500/X

    help and useful tips


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