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Live out level for FRFR Speakers

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Trying to hook up an X3 Live to a Headrush FR-108 without creating smoke. Please help me


1. From the X3L manual "Live Out Level – this switch sets the level for the Live Outputs. When set to Amp, the Live Outputs are ready for connection to an on-stage amp. When set to Line, they’re ready to plug into a mixer or recorder with line level input" - should it be at amp -   but headrush is not really a guitar amp?


2. Adding to my confusion - from the manual again "When running into line level gear (like recorders, mixers and PA’s), POD X3 will generally give the best signal-to-noise performance when you have the Master Volume control at max" - I thought FRFR would be similar to PA .. If so,  then I have to turn down the volume on the FRFR for indoor practice? 


3. The connection should be done using guitar cable (instead of speaker cable), right?


4.  Headrush has only one speaker with two 1/4" inputs. Should I just use one cable to connect X3L (Left/Mont 1/4") to Headrush ? Can I use both sides?


5. I picked Direct/Studio output mode on the X3L - is that the right thing to do? 






















































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