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faIRmageddon & Helix


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Hi All, 

Been looking to move forward with my Helix sound as finding not getting the growl I want.
From reading around it appears it's due to the missing the ability to move the mic around in the Cab Sim (Miss this on Guitar Rig 5 - definitely the missing ingredient as kinda matching up that's the bit that goes from cleanish to the magic growl).
I can get a rough thing in Ableton using either a follow up Guitar Rig 5 or an Ableton Cab Sim after - but... urgh... missing the point of getting this thing in the first place - not lugging a laptop around.

Read a few posts with people saying IRs are the solution to this, and after a bit of digging found this: which looks more than a little tasty.


Has anyone used it and imported the IRs into the Helix/Native?

Looks like it exports 24bit and Helix takes 16bit (so will have to whack it through a converter) - although it also says "All imported .wav files are converted" - so does Helix do this?

Or am I foraging into uncharted territory and I should feedback once I've done it?

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