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HX Effects With Helix Floor


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I'm just curious if anyone has tried using a HX effects along with the Helix floor.   I use the Craig Anderton Multband patches for recording which eats up all of the DSP for the Helix floor so I was thinking about using the HX effects in the effects loop to get reverb/delays in conjunction with the multiband patches.   Has anyone tried this?   It's a lot of money to spend to just try.  

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My standard setup is HX Effects in Helix effect loop 1. I run it mono and use it primarily for front of the amp effects. I do this not only to offload DSP in Helix, but more to have the extra switches. I like to use "stomp mode", not "snapshot mode" or "preset mode". Stomp mode is like a typical pedalboard with effects before and after the amp. You can control what's on or off in any combination, and control up to 8 parameters on each footswitch. This makes a very flexible setup that can work with almost any song. Its especially useful if you mostly use your own tone.


Snapshot mode is useful if you have to change a lot of things at once in a song. I use a few snapshots in my normal patch, mostly to switch to open tunings or acoustic guitar (I use a Variax most of the time). Snapshot mode has the advantage that it can change a lot of things in very specific ways with one switch. Stomp mode has the advantage that you can easily mix and match combinations of things as needed. 


Preset mode is useful if the song requires a very different setup or an effect or combination of effects that wouldn't be on you "normal pedalboard". Preset mode has the advantage that you can load different blocks with a different signal chain. 


Using HX Effects with Helix provides lots more options because of the extra footswitches.



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