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Helix Rack and a tube preamp?

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Hello all!


I have a Helix Rack + Control + Mission Pedal. I love the tones I am getting..the versatility is next to none. I am an NS Stickist and a bassist. A good friend of mine runes his Helix Floor along with a tube preamp for a little extra warmth and grit, when needed. Anyone else running something similar? It's something I am considering. I love the 90's era BK Butler/All Tube BlueTube and BlueTube II Preamps..they sounded amazing...just the right amount of color from the tubes and the para EQ was smooth and sweet. They were a no fluff preamp that exhibited low distortion output but warm enough to sweeten/fatten your sound. I know Presonus makes a BlueTube 2 ch mic.instrument preamp, but I am not familiar with their version. 

Open to suggestions!

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