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Pod Go - Hum due to grounding issue


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Hi all,


Whenever I connect my Pod Go to studio monitors or an amp, I'm getting a loud humming noise. I'm thinking it's a grounding issue - when I touch the metal part of the cable, it goes away. Also when I connect it via USB to my computer (which has a 3-pronged power supply), it goes away. Anyone else experience this issue and any luck resolving it?



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Check your guitar with only the PodGo and a pair of headphones...If you have hum, it's the cable or the guitar. If the hum stops when you touch the bridge or the shield of the cable, it could be you have single coils or you have a wiring issue...Could be a lack of shielding of the cavity...Passive guitars are fantastic antennas and you got to make sure wiring is really tight. An AC ground can cover the issue by soaking it up...Just gotta isolate it.

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Hmmm, I’m having the issue with both my Telecaster and my Takamine acoustic. Tried all combinations of different cables, speakers, amp, headphones, and a different building entirely (including ONLY a guitar and headphones) and the issue persists. 

The hum has all the characteristics of a ground loop: 60Hz, and stops when I touch the metal part of a cable (or when I plug in the Pod Go via USB to my grounded computer).


I bought a $20 ground loop eliminator from amazon, and that successfully stopped the hum. Which should be good enough to get me through a gig-type-of-thing that I’m playing on Saturday.


I opened a support ticket with Line 6 as well, will report back with what I find out!

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@goldenegg Yes I did, thanks for reminding me to follow up. I sent my unit to Line 6, and it turned out that the"rear board" needed to be replaced. It seems to be working fine now.


Based on what I found in these forums, it doesn't seem like it's a common issue. I would say that if you're experiencing something similar, try connecting only your guitar and headphones. If you're still constantly getting a loud 60Hz hum, then you might have the same problem. Otherwise, try going through the common troubleshooting techniques for eliminating a ground loop from your rig.


EDIT: The hum eliminator I got was a Pyle Mini Hum Eliminator. This is kind of a hacky fix though, you'd probably be better off trying to actually ground your rig.

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