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New setup help


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Very excited to say I have just got a helix lt and Powercab plus.


are there any good intro Video guides to setting it all up  with the patches and software etc


i also have a standard cable going from helix to Powercab, but there’s a line6 port on each is that a preferred connection?




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Welcome to the Helix club. LT owner here.
I found a great deal of help from Helix tutorial videos from Jason Sadites:
Jason Saddites YouTube Channel
Line 6 Community Knowledge Base:
Helix Help
TheGearPage forum
Ben Vesco YT channel
other Helix pros can add to this list, there's a ton of help out there.
I haven't got a Powercab Plus yet, I know the basics but since I don't have practical knowledge yet
others who have had their PCs for awhile can answer the pros of connecting the LT and PC with a Line6 cable can explain it better than me.
Here's a start for you.
watch out for Delia.
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